PB Mini-Bytes: Stuck Doesn’t Look Good On You

Have you ever been frustrated because someone else blocked you in with their car? PB & Andy talk about getting stuck & being stuck… & how to not be stuck. Listen & enjoy!



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2 Comments to PB Mini-Bytes: Stuck Doesn’t Look Good On You

  1. I enjoy the extra time I have in the summer to join in your discussions! I noticed that I get stuck with a really rude mentality at Costco. I become a different person after I drive in and park. I am able to remind myself at the beginning of the trip that I live for Christ and thus for others; this trip is not about me. I have been able to maintain peace for a time, but I inevitably lose it. Either a shopper is hitting my legs with their cart because they are in a hurry, or another is blocking the isle with their cart so that no one can get through, or there is a line to get samples again blocking anyone from passing. I have yet to experience a trip where I am able to consider others better than myself. Sad but true confessions of a NW member!

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