Friday Fun & Free Stuff For You


Did you know—people are 17.5% happier on Fridays than other days of the week?

It’s true.

It has also been discovered that the .5% (of the 17.5) comes as a result of this blog’s Friday Fun & Free Stuff feature.

OK. That was all lies. But maybe you will crack a smile while checking out today’s post…


#1. FREE BOOK—Pharisectomy: How To Joyfully Remove Your Inner Pharisee & Other Religiously Transmitted Diseases by Peter Haas.

This is a new book—one I just read (and thoroughly enjoyed). It’s funny and it will challenge you. Be the first one to comment on this blog post & I’ll send you a copy (scroll down to the bottom of this page to comment).


#2. FREE BOOK—Bible Lessons From Our Pets by David Smith.

This book will definitely appeal to people who love animals. It’s funny, entertaining, and even has some great spiritual insights. I contributed a story, The Case of the Missing Leash, and I’m not gonna lie… it’s hilarious. Also hilarious—the misspelling of my name in the book. Be the first one to comment on this blog post & I’ll send you a copy (scroll down to the bottom of this page to comment).


#3. VIDEO—Belgian Guy Dances in the Forest.

YouTube Preview Image


#4. IMAGES—Incredible Drawings on Old Coffee Cups.

I love these. Makes me wonder if someone had too much time on their hands—maybe the person they had scheduled to meet at the coffee shop showed up 2 hours late? See ‘em HERE.


#5. VIDEO—Scientific Weight Loss Tips.

OK, I admit it… this doesn’t qualify as fun. It didn’t cost anything though—so it’s free. Go increase your protein intake!

YouTube Preview Image


See you next Friday for more fun & free stuff!

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I am a husband, father, pastor, leader & reader. I love God, love people & love life.

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