The Smell Battle

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Ya ever think about how life is one long battle against bad smells?

Every day we shower off that sweaty bacteria that starts growing on our bodies (some of us have to do this multiple times a day).

We brush our teeth (and tongue) daily. We rinse with mouthwash. Throughout the day we battle halitosis with gum, mints and Listerine strips.

Don’t forget all the applications of deodorant, nice-smelling lotion and cologne.

Each day, the routine stars over. Skip a few days and you’ve lost the smell battle!

As soap is to stink, generosity is to greed – it’s the antidote.

Greed smells. Stinginess is odiferous. Selfishness reeks.

Generosity keeps us smelling good.

“The gifts you sent… are a sweet-smelling sacrifice that is acceptable and pleasing to God.” – Philippians 4.18

Giving isn’t a one-time thing – just like showering or brushing your teeth isn’t a one-time thing. Our natural tendency is to start smelling (bad).

The smell battle must be fought on a daily basis.

Take a whiff. How do you smell today… greedy or generous?

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