A Polished Turd

I once saw a Mythbusters episode where Adam learned the ancient Japanese art of dorodungo – creating hard, shiny, polished balls from dirt and water. The catch? Adam wanted to see if polishing a turd was possible.

Sorry – I know this is gross.

That’s the point. It’s nasty.

A polished, shiny turd is still a turd.

Religion tends to decorate the outside, cover blemishes and give the illusion of perfection.

Religion is good at polishing turds.

Jesus said the religious Pharisees were “all spit-and-polish veneer.” (Matthew 23.3 MSG).

Grace is different. Grace doesn’t decorate us – it changes and transforms us!

Galatians 6.15 reminds us that the outward stuff doesn’t count… “What counts is whether we have been transformed into a new creation.”

Grace goes deep.

Grace makes us new.

Grace changes everything – including you.

I am a husband, father, pastor, leader & reader. I love God, love people & love life.

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