Book Review: Living Rich For Less

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Book Review:
Living Rich For Less

Ellie Kay

Review (by guest blogger Shari Dolleman):
Living Rich for Less is the practical tips book of ways to give, save and spend smart even on a modest salary. Kay describes how their family was able to eliminate $40,000 of debt in just two years on one income. Their family (over a fifteen–year span) paid cash for eleven different cars, gave three of those cars away, bought two five-bedroom homes (one after the other), took regular family vacations, nicely furnished their home, clothed their kids in style, and supported more than thirty nonprofit organizations in a dozen different countries by giving away more than $100,000. How cool! Kay’s synopsis excited me about giving and actually tabulating what our family has given over the years. What a gratifying feeling to see what has been given to the cause you truly believe in. For us, it’s kingdom causes!

Ellie Kay shares the 10/10/80 rule – giving 10 percent, saving 10 percent and spending smart the remaining 80 percent of your income. “The sweetest dollar you ever make is the one you give away. The safest dollar you ever make is the one you put away and the smartest dollar you ever make is the one you spend well.”

Living Rich for Less takes a look at what the rich and famous give in proportion to their earnings. Using an online celebrity calculator she makes the point that money earned and donated by the average American is far more valuable than a lot of the donations by celebrities. For example “if I gave $100 to support a third-world child, Julia Roberts would have to give $83,000 to be as proportionally generous as I am!” I’ve always loved the idea of equal sacrifice in giving. To whom much is given much is required. I’m motivated to give and see it’s importance even if it’s not millions like the “celebrity giving” we hear about. It all makes a difference!

Throughout the book are ideas and tips on how to save on everyday expenses from vacations to groceries to paying for college. I found myself circling, tabbing and making notes throughout the book with suggestions to myself: “Do this! This is great! We do this!”

What a great reminder of what’s important. Give, Save and Spend. Living Rich for Less is definitely worth the read and will help you do as the title suggests.

You really can be rich in every way, every day…

So you want to own the home you love, make memories on wonderful vacations with family or friends, finance college educations, and help others too?

You can—starting here and now.

With lively humor, proven know-how, and practical principles for financial health, Living Rich for Less helps you stretch your dollars to realize the lifestyle of your dreams. Ellie Kay’s entertaining and enlightening examples show you simple steps to save, spend, and give smart, and her three main principles are undergirded by dozens of effective rules and hundreds of Cha-Ching Factor™ tips that keep or put money in your pocket.

Living Rich for Less helps anyone get there in our taxed-out, maxed-out times. Because financial security doesn’t mean just genuine prosperity, but being able to live luxuriously, give generously, and care for yourself as well as the others around you.

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