When A Late Night Comedian Preaches

Have you ever wondered what it would sound like if a rock star preached? Never mind – we’ve all heard Bono do it. How about a late night comedian / talk show host?

Back in February of 2007, Craig Ferguson gave us a taste…

Admitting the need to change. Sharing his own battles. Identifying with the weaknesses and struggles of others. Compassion. Hope.

It’s all here on this clip from The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson:


YouTube Preview Image


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4 Comments to When A Late Night Comedian Preaches

  1. Kristin Loehrmann

    I watched this recently, and just loved it. Ferguson was cheeky but sincere; honest, vulnerable and imperfect. What a testimony to accepting others in spite of their limits.

  2. Kay Serasera

    Craig Ferguson has been doing that on his show, over and over, for the last ten years. He is hilarious, and brilliant, and creative, and wise, and courageous. But even more than all that, the defining characteristic of his show has been its generosity of spirit. He will be sorely missed.

    Out of many, many wonderful moments, I would especially recommend to you these:

    Craig Ferguson eulogizes his father, Jan. 30, 2006:

    Craig Ferguson eulogizes his mother, Dec. 8, 2008:

    Craig Ferguson interviews Archbishop Desmond Tutu, March 4, 2009:

  3. Resonated with me: his humility in admitting failings; ability to speak of a painful and embarrassing time with humor; an active conscience about making fun of people who are in a vulnerable state. Wish I had watched his show.

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