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The Trap of Marketing a False Self

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Humans long for unconditional love, but market a false self to get unconditional love. Hence, our true selves are neither known or loved. —Bruxy Cavey

I wear fake glasses. Let me explain…

About 18 years ago, I had LASIK surgery on my eyes. Since that time, I’ve pretty much had 20-20 vision. I don’t need glasses – not for reading, not for distance, not for vision.

But I started wearing fake glasses a while ago. They seemed like a nice decoration for my head (I’m bald, so there isn’t much else happening on my head). Glasses also frame in my eyes nicely—hiding the fact that I don’t really have eyebrows. And one more thing… glasses can make you look smarter.

So I wear fake glasses. Not all the time. I wear them on Sundays at church. I wear them when I’m dressed up and going out. Basically, I wear them once or twice a week. And the rest of the time there are no decorations on my head.

The funny thing about my fake glasses is: people who mostly only see me on Sunday don’t recognize me when they run into me and I’m NOT wearing my fake glasses. It’s almost as if they only know the “decorated” me, not the undecorated real me.

In a small way, this demonstrates the trap of marketing a false self. People see the image you project while failing to discover the real you.

And when people love, respect, or admire the projected you, the real you is… Read More

What’s On The Screen & What’s On The Street

I was listening to Jonathan Martin speak on the Myth of Moses while out on my favorite trail yesterday…

Here are a few summarized bits of what he was talking about:

  • In the Old Testament account, we only hear that Moses put a veil over his face because he’d just been with God – and radiated the glory of God so much that the people couldn’t even look at him. It was as if the veil protected the people from getting too much of God from Moses.
  • In 2 Corinthians chapter 3, Paul throws Moses under the bus. He says Moses put a veil over his face, essentially to hide the fact that God’s glory was fading from him… Read More