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Sitting At The Table With Jesus

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The methods and “business practices” of Jesus don’t make much sense to the modern American who works in the competitive marketplace and relaxes at home in the evenings – watching The Apprentice, Shark Tank, or The Voice.

We’re used to the threat of elimination. And we’re keeping an eye out for others who ought to be eliminated.

Jesus gave individuals a place at the table with him who didn’t deserve to be there. In fact, none of them deserved it. They looked more like a bizarre collection of characters… Read More

A Case For Loving The Work (That You Do)

In this fascinating NPR story “Good Art Is Popular Because It’s Good. Right?” the question is asked,

Why Is The Mona Lisa – Or Any Piece Of Art – Successful?

Quoting from the piece…

“The Mona Lisa is the most famous painting in the world because people believe that there is something profoundly special about it, some quality so distinguishing that it deserves to be as famous as it is.

But is that true… Read More