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The Science Of Why Storytelling Is So Powerful

Stories are powerful. They draw us in and they make us feel.

The experience of hearing or watching a story is processed in our brains differently than when we simply are given facts.

When we hear facts or read information, it hits our “language processing” parts of the brain where we decode words into meaning. And that’s it. Nothing special happens.

But when we hear a story, something very different happens. Not only are the language processing parts of the brain activated, but also the parts of our brain that we would use if we were actually experiencing the events of the story ourselves.

A good story can put your whole brain to work.

I remember some particularly memorable stories from my growing up years in the ‘70’s and ‘80’s… Read More

Stories With Mischief & Little Bits Of Trouble

This time of year makes me think of a story that happened a few years ago…

Shari and I were on a double date with some friends. After dinner, the date took a nosedive when we ended up at Ross (you know, as in “Dress For Less”). I was trying to make the best of it by finding random, ridiculous items for sale in the store.

The girls walked around the store together, so I stuck with my friend. He found some socks to buy and we stood in line, waiting behind several people. I noticed a bin of VHS movies near the checkout line and one of them caught my eye: 1987’s Buns of Steel workout video… Read More