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How I Read “The Lord Is My Shepherd”

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This is how I read “The Lord is my Shepherd”


Everything I’ve ever needed has been provided for me.
I have peace. I have rest.

I’m moving in the right direction,
because the Master is here—with me, guiding me.

Even when the way is clouded over—when it’s
dark, threatening, and depressing—I have nothing to fear.
I am protected, comforted, and encouraged.

I am honored and blessed, and people seem to notice.
Unlimited grace and unconditional love follow me wherever I go.

I am secure in my place, calm and confident.
I am home. I am family. This is where I belong.

And all of this is not because of me.
It’s all because of Him…

The Hero of my story.
My God, my shepherd.

—Psalm 23