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NWLife Weekly Conversation—The K-Dub Show!

Here is our seventeenth NWLife video podcast featuring our weekly conversation.

Today’s theme: The K-Dub Show!

Today, Pastor Kyle Wheeler sits down with one of our students, Kyle Wabusya, to listen to his story. It’s the Kyle-Kyle, Kyle W-Kyle W… K-Dub show!

There is also a worship song led by Georgia Carlton and Pastor Kyle at the end of the video today.

I really enjoyed the interaction between the Kyles, especially these lines from Kyle Wabusya…

“Christianity isn’t like a job, or something you have to do…

It’s a community, you know?

It’s somewhere you can feel safe to, you know, be yourself and love… share a love for Someone.”

I hope you’ll take 30 minutes and join us for some church today!

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We heard through the wall a kid’s voice yelling “You effin…”

While out on the trail for a walk, Shari told me this story from her day at work (as a school counselor). She said:

I was doing a presentation in a classroom today. We heard through the wall a kid’s voice yelling, “You effin…” The teacher quickly opened the door and went into the hallway. I figured she was going to stop the boy and give him a detention or send him to the office or something like that. But instead, she went up to him and… Read More