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I Had A Spa Day

Thankful Notes (#202)

In our family, we use the term “spa day” generously. Rarely does anyone go to a spa. I think the use of “spa day” came about because, when Ashah was younger, she protested when Shari would use the word sabbath. I don’t even know why she didn’t like that word, but Shari just accommodated Ashah and substituted spa for sabbath in conversation.

Our use of “spa day” means something quiet or personally refreshing and enjoyable. It’s a day without pressure or expectation. It’s a day to recharge and just be.

Shari is staying with her our nieces Mila and Elle while their parents are away for a couple of days, so I have the house to myself. And since it’s Saturday, I don’t have… Read More

Here In This Mundane Place Among These Mattering Things

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*picture above: Rattlesnake Lake, North Bend WA

“When weekly rhythms of rest are at their best for me, I find myself plopped on a blanket with a packed lunch. If it is fall or early winter, I wear a cap, gloves, and clothes warm enough to withstand three hours outside. In a bag, I have my Bible, some paper, and a stack of poetry or a novel. Nestled between the shade of trees of one of my favorite… Read More