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Friday Is For Fun (& Delicious Food)

It’s been a while since I’ve posted something just for fun on a Friday and that is kinda like a warning light on my dashboard of life… indicating that I better lighten up or something is gonna break, burn, or fall apart. And nobody wants that, so c’mon, let’s have some fun!

Here’s some fun, happy stuff that made me smile (and think about delicious food):

1. Scottish dad’s conversation with his daughter about boyfriends.

John Tierney decided to lay down some ground rules in a recent conversation with his four-year-old daughter Grace. He then posted the 30 second clip to Twitter, where it was shared by Scottish comedian Limmy (who has nearly 200,000 followers).

John, 37, said the conversation started when Grace waved at two boys who were walking past the car.

He said: “I joked that she should… Read More

Life Is Disappointing

- - Life With God, Popular

Life is disappointing. There, I said it.

I don’t mean, in the final analysis when everything is added up, that the score card of life is saturated with disappointment to the point where nothing else is detectable.

But I think it’d be a cover-up to say that disappointment isn’t there. It is there. And I know it well.

Life isn’t all disappointment. It is deeply disappointing, and it is also richly rewarding. It is full of success and sorrow, victories and defeats, progress and set-backs…

Perhaps my experience is unique. Maybe everyone else is living disappointment-free.

That last line was sarcasm.

Life is disappointing… Read More