Fearless Foreigners Thriving in Babylon

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Is our world full of problems?


Is our culture dark—does it celebrate sin while at the same time rejecting purity?


Are we living in a post-Christian America?


Are there a plethora of reasons to be stressed, worried, anxious, and fearful?

You know it.

So how do we react to all of this?

Should we move to Montana and create our own separate and protected Christians-only community?

Not a good idea.

Should we pray for the end of the world to hurry up already?

That’s dumb.

Here’s what we should do: we should live as fearless foreigners, thriving in Babylon…

Like Daniel and his friends—Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah. They were Jews who had been kidnapped, castrated, and given new names to honor the false gods of Babylon.

Despite being out of his element and having plenty of reasons to be afraid, Daniel thrived in Babylon.

Daniel learned the culture. He was educated in Babylonian thought and he participated in the culture, yet he did not compromise his faith. He honored God and pointed others to his Savior.

Daniel was a fearless foreigner, thriving in Babylon.

The Bible calls us foreigners too…

“Dear friends, you are like foreigners and strangers in this world.” (1 Peter 2.11 NCV)

We’re not called to leave our culture, avoid it, or attack it.

We’re called to thrive in Babylon—to lead, influence, and point people to Jesus. We’re called to be fearless foreigners, thriving in Babylon.


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